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Memorial Day

Since today is Memorial Day, I just wanted to post a little about animals that served. So I did some research and discovered many more animal species that have helped in wartime than I thought!

Of course we all think about horses in the days of way before machines and engines came along. Also, many dogs serve in wartime and in times when rescues are needed, such as earthquakes or bombed buildings, like 9-11. I also learned that cats have been fitted with devices to enable spying on the enemy, although some cats weren’t always cooperative. Many people also know that dolphins have been used in wartime. Homing pigeons are also well known for relaying messages.

I don’t know why I never thought about camels, before. They’re very similar to horse in function. A big surprise was moose. I don’t think of them as being very cooperative, either. The strangest one was bees! They’ve been taught to “smell” different chemicals used to make bombs and move in a set pattern. Sea lions have been trained similar to dolphins. Mules and oxen seem obvious, now that I know about them, but hadn’t considered them before, either.

So of course I want to say thank you to all human soldiers that have been willing to serve and die for their country, but I don’t want to forget the contribution of the animal kingdom, too!