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Hello, Mr. Fox!

We have had several other animals over the years. Guinea pigs are very sweet creatures, but they are also very messy and unfortunately, don’t live very long. We’ve also had hamsters, very cute little things, but again they don’t live long. Rabbits are lots of fun, we had a Mini Rex and a Flemish Giant. Rabbits don’t really show signs of illness and seem to die suddenly! We’ve also had Chickens, which were fun to watch grow up, but need to be carefully protected from predators. We have had several fox families on our property, and a very large hawk. These predators are never good to have around with chickens. We’ve also had armadillos, barred owls, and gopher tortoises.

Years ago, we had a tank with newts in one end – with water – and fire belly frogs. Later we had a water tank with African Albino frogs. The albino frogs were very good at escaping! This is a great tank for a child that enjoys frogs, toads, and lizards.

I enjoy keeping several bird feeders on the property, although I think I’m feeding more squirrels than birds!