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Noel the Black Lab And Her Arthritis

About a year ago, I started to notice that Noel was having a little trouble jumping up on the couch now and then, or on her daybed that she sleeps on at night. Then I noticed she moved more slowly in the mornings and she seemed a bit cranky, almost like she just wanted to be left alone to wake up.

On a routine vet visit, I mentioned what I had noticed and the vet told me her muscles in her hind legs had atrophied, or became weak, from lack of proper use. We didn’t do an x-ray, which is often done to determine arthritis. We started her on some pain medication – Tramadol – to see if it helped her. It did work pretty well at first, but as time went on it wasn’t helping as much. Recently we added adequan once a week and she’s doing much better.

Today was a good day. She still needs her quiet time on the couch in the morning until the tramadol starts working, which takes about an hour.