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Signs Of Spring

I know it can be hard to believe, especially for those that live in the Northeast and the snow keeps falling, but Spring is truly on it’s way! Here in North Central Florida, I’ve been noticing signs typical for this time of year.

Birds In The Field

[/media-credit] Birds In The Field

We often see these egrets now. I love watching them make their way across the field in search of food. Another odd sign for this area is falling leaves! Yes, the oak leaves are falling now, pushed out by the buds and new leaves waiting for their turn. On windy days, being pelted by the leaves is very common.

A beautiful sign of Spring is the azalea bushes blooming. Most people in this area have at least a few bushes around their homes.

Monster And The Azaleas

[/media-credit] Monster And The Azaleas

Finally, this week I saw a flock of about 15 Robins! So when the temperatures are dropping, the wind is blowing, and maybe the snow is falling, hang on to the hope of Spring!