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The Babies of the Bunch


Monster as a kitten

The youngest two are also brothers. Monster and McCoy are only two years old and they definitely have the energy of young ones! A family friend found a pregnant, feral cat on their front porch. She came inside and had her kittens and is now still living in her new-found home. Of course when I heard there were 2 black kittens that needed a home, what could I say but yes. Monster was an energetic, naughty kitten. McCoy, on the other hand, was quiet and nervous. When I let them outside for the first time, they acted true to their personalities. Monster was fascinated, exploring everywhere. Poor McCoy stepped out, heard a noise and came running back inside. Both are now very comfortable outside during the day. All the cats are back inside at night. These two get to sleep in my youngest son’s room.