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What’s Been Going On? A Lot!

If you’ve been stopping by now and then, I want to say thank you! I’ve been doing so many things and neglecting this blog.

The main way I’ve been spending my time is by finally finishing a children’s story I started over 10 years ago! The title, as of now, is Dinosaur Gardens. I’ll be posting cover art very soon, so check back or even better, subscribe. That way you won’t miss anything. I will also be renovating this site so I can post about my writing.

In the meantime, I have a photo and a few new videos to share. All the animals are doing well and we have a new addition: my older son’s kitten, Harley!


Our New Kitten, Harley

Our New Kitten, Harley

She was being fed at the local dump by my friend Jan. We’re so happy we were looking for a kitten at the time, it’s a match made in heaven! We think she’s now about 8 months, she was spayed in February at probably 6 months.


The chickens and ducks are doing fine. Fluffy is sitting on some eggs, we’ll see what happens. The female ducks, Lucy and Arwen, are also sitting on eggs, but no breeding has taken place. Here’s a video of all of them, “talking” together over some fresh hay.



We had a scare in the duck pen recently, a snake – probably a rat snake –  showed up and tried to eat one of the eggs. As you can see from the video, it was too big for him! I chased him off with a stick and haven’t seen him since.



This final video is a clip of Gum Drop, digging during some rainfall we had recently. She’s always enjoyed playing in water, silly girl.



That field is very hard to mow, thanks to her. There’s lots of holes out there!


Again, thanks for stopping by!!