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Zelda, My Naughty Puppy

IMG_3084Zelda! Cute but naughty.

Zelda loves to attack my legs when we go for walks. I guess I should have expected this since she is a bulldog, after all! I’m learning to carry a squeaky toy along, and I throw it ahead of us when we’re out walking.

She also loves to body slam Jack and Noel. If Jack sees her coming, he quickly jumps out of her way. Last week he came down hard on her hind paw and she limped for a while afterwards. Noel hangs back with me or runs into the woods to avoid the attack. Smart girl!

I was talking to a friend about bulldogs and we agreed they aren’t for everyone. They’re very funny, but definitely have strong personalities and do exactly what they want.

Check back again: Zelda’s going to start dog school, as soon as I sign her up!